Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Wisdom Here.

You will find no Wisdom here.
(Star Wars reference, thank you to those who chuckled.)

Wisdom is, to me, the artful combination of intelligence and knowledge, slow-cooked to a perfect golden hue, and expressed when the chef of such Wisdom has finally experienced enough Life to offer us young "hooligans" a sound piece of Mind.

Though young and fairly inexperienced, I tend to feel that I have a myriad of knowledgable facts (occaisonally useful, usually random) bombarding my poor mind with information.

Sometimes I voice these nuggets-o'-knowledge, offering advice and statistics whether they're welcome or not.
Sometimes I bite my tongue, waiting for the right moment to slide a comment or suggestion into a conversation; that perfect moment never arises, and my piece of mind goes unvoiced.
And often, I say something and I just can't remember why on earth I was possessed to make an idiot of myself.

So this blog, live the HAPPY life, is dedicated to voicing all my opinions. And, updating the poor users of the virtual-bottomless-pit we call the "internet" of my life in general, aside from my horse... (check out my other blog, a little HOT BRASS, for that)

In conclusion:

My title is the combination of two goals (inspired by two books) I am striving to synergize into my life before I am 21.

1) Live the Good Life
(by Thomas S. Monson)
(refer to Gretchin Rubin's The Happiness Project)

Welcome to my silly life.

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