Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Never would I have described myself as being passive aggressive,
but trying to make yourself clear while avoiding saying what you think will do that.

I am passive aggressive.
I guess that's better than being aggressive, which is what I usually am. or what I used to be.

Who am I kidding?
aggression > passive aggression.
when did I turn into such a sissy? someone come kick me and tell me to get some balls.

I think relationships are hard to change.
If you've set them up to behave a certain way,
it's kinda of jarring for either party in the relationship to drastically change their behavior.
they key is to setting them up to behave well from the beginning;
to set expectations and make reactions clear.

maybe the control freak in me is being extra freaky today.

All of my future relationships will have clearly defined functions.
not that they won't be able to change, but so long as they continue the way they began,
they will behave within the prescribed limits.
like math.
a function has a clear equation, and if you add or take away from it, transform it, it's something else.
it's no longer the parent function, in fact, you can create a different function completely.
by changing around the variables, ya change how they interact, and the relationship totally changes.

on a different note.

I'm passionate.
I'm not passionate about one thing in particular, I'm just a passionate person.
Whatever I choose to do, I do all the way.
I become slightly obsessive.
I try to be the best.

But I'm not a perfectionist.
I realized a long time ago that perfection is unattainable...
there's always someone better, and to contrast, there's always someone worse.
(unless it's bowling, then, I'm the worst)

Life is poetry in motion.

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  1. Haha nice, good post! I think I am very similar with the whole passionate thing, I can get a little obsessive haha