Thursday, January 12, 2012

College made me retarded.

So, on Sunday I made a cake. This evening, there was ~3 pieces left. My roommate ate one piece. Being Utah, everything gets really dry very quickly, and so we've taken to microwaving our pieces of cake prior to eating them. This accelerates the water molecules AND makes it warm, so it's moist and the prime temperature for eating.

After smelling warm cake, I decided I wanted a piece, too. So I grab a paper plate from my cabinet and slice off a piece, and put my cake-on-plate in the microwave.
Being lazy, I press the "+1 minute" button, thinking that I'll just pull it out in 10 seconds... but no, I ask Mireya (my cake-eating roommate) a question, and completely forget my cake until the microwave beeps at me....

The icing on my cake had entirely melted off and caramelized (read: burnt) in a puddle beside my cake, and the cake had been nuked.

Mireya and I laughed at my laziness, and then I coveted the last precious slice of cake and put it on a new paper plate to toss in the microwave.

Take Two:
Mireya instructs me to just mash the "Start" button, which turns on the microwave for just 30 seconds-- but I dont want to risk it, so I mash the "Start" button and then stop it after 15 seconds.


Mireya: "Uh, Emma... are you special ed?" *pulls piece of cake out of microwave*

lets just say, between texting, doing homework, watching The Big Bang Theory, and eating dinner... I forgot all about my cake. which is now rock hard. :(

maybe it's not as funny in re-play... but I was laughing uncontrollably for a good, solid minute.

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