Sunday, January 29, 2012

here's to...

I went to dinner with my cousins tonight. Had some great conversation, good food, and lots of laughs. but above all, I met a hedgehog for the first time. See Sir Elliot below.

As a side note, I didn't tell my roommate that I was even going anywhere... and when I got home it went a little like this...

Mireya: Hey, come look at this. Chad has these funny holes in the roof of his mouth.
Me: most people do....
Mireya: no, come look!
Me: *looks* yep, those are where the sinuses and the mouth connect :)
Mireya: oh....
I thought you had been raped and murdered, by the way. Where were you?
Me: Oh. haha, yeah I had dinner with my cousins... you could've sent me a concerned text?
Mireya: But I thought you were dead. I don't text dead, raped girls. That's weird.

Here's to having a comical roommate who's concerned her boyfriend has interior gills.

and here's to hedgehogs. that are kinda freaky... in a cute way.

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